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Inga Dream
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Знакомство с Автором
Смерть дорогих людей – вначале папы, а затем и первой дочурки, наложили свой отпечаток на мировосприятие Инги и ее отношение к жизни. Приняв решение «все равно родить девочку», Инга дает слово Всевышнему, что обязательно напишет книгу о том, как ждала и как верила в то, что дочурка родится… По воле Господа в 2002 году – пятый ребенок – дочь Айре Арманте. В 2007 году выходит первая aвтобиографическая книга «Мечтай и действуй» (издана на трех языках — русский, литовский, английский). Так Инга становится писателем. Еще одна веха в творчестве Инги — поэзия: “Вот уже 5 лет, как в моем сердце поселились стихи… Моя Муза ко мне в машину пришла, на руль села и, не покидает! Кого, кого, а вот Музу стихотворную не ждала, не звала, не мечтала… Пусть простит мне, любимая, откровенность мою. Так вот и пришла, непрошеная…” Инга становится поэтом, членом МАПП (Международной Ассоциации Писателей и Публицистов), членом Славянской Академии Литературы и Искусств. Ее биография входит во Всемирный Справочник «Кто есть кто: Всемирное Издание», 2011. Автор 12 книг: 7 поэтических сборников и трех – прозы («Мечтай и действуй» (2007), «Подари себе рай» (2008), «В глаза смотри, в них увидишь душу» (2008), «Золото моей зрелости» (2009), «Тебе» (2010), «Чего хочет женщина, того хочет Бог» (2011), «Отпускаю» (2011), «Молись и трудись» (2012), «Только Бог» (2013), « Во имя любви» (2013) (на двух: русский-английский, пяти: русский, украинский, польский, литовский, английский и украинском языках) Автор 6 аудиокниг и более 40 песен (выпущено 2 СD с песнями).
Книги Inga Dream
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  1. Ricardas Doveika

    Оценка 5 из 5

    This is not a book to be kept on a shelf. It belongs in human hands, it must meet an intent, penetrating human gaze, so that each word could touch the reader, making you and your family familiar, understandable and close to his heart .
    While reading one also delves, quite unconsciously, into one’s own childhood, recalls the experience of one’s own family, the relationships that existed within it. One’s relationship with one’s parents, one’s childhood adventures, the days of searching and reflection – all this surfaces before one’s eyes, vivid and bright, as if it had happened only yesterday.
    Your book is alive; its content is alive, and so is its spirit.
    When I read it, I realize yet again just how unique every person is; I think about the miraculous ways in which God works in everyone‘s life, reaching out to other people‘s hearts.
    In this book you are the broken bread which imparts meaning, alleviates hunger, increases or even returns one‘s hope and will to live; you teach others not to give in to sadness and pessimism, to accept life‘s lessons and learn from them. You remind the reader that, no matter what takes place, it can lead to a more meaningful and mature understanding of life, and can help one live each day with a greater sense of responsibility. You have also revealed a virtue unique to women – that is, a woman‘s capacity to become a Mother, to die for herself and be reborn again for her child. Your personality illustrates very clearly that it is possible to combine the gift of motherhood with being an active, creative business person. This is a fine answer for every woman who feels torn between her career and the calling of motherhood. Anything is possible, provided that one has some true, real points of reference: God and the Family. These basic points of reference allow one to make a contribution to society, as well as to realize oneself from the professional standpoint.
    The book is filled with a sense of unity between family members. This is powerful testimony, for children are the living, tangible embodiment of their parents‘ love toward each other. They can never be a burden or an obstacle on the path toward self-realization, when the Mother had dedicated herself to her family and children. If a woman accepts this mission, God will grant her the possibility to realize her potential, and to enjoy a fruitful life. Thank you for the pages of this book
    I hope that your and your family‘s further life will continue to be blessed at the Temple, while you will always remain a witness to the great truth: that God, the Family and self-realization are a great good in any person‘s life. May God bless every day of your life, your work and your Motherhood.”
    Best regards,
    Your priest, Ricardas Doveika”